James Gardner - photographI am a digital technology strategist working in  the pharmaceutical industry. I previously worked at Volume, the 3rd largest independent B2B digital marketing agency in the UK, where, as Head of Innovation and also head of IS, I developed a breadth of experience in understanding the impact that technology can have in the workplace, from social media to cloud computing.

You can find out more from my personal portal at http://www.flavors.me/jamesgardner, and from my LinkedIn or Google+ profiles.

I blog at B2B MagazineSmashing Magazine, DoNanza, Unbounce, Central Desktop, Forbes and Business 2 Community, and can sometimes be found contributing the odd quote to .NET Magazine.

If you have any questions about the content of my posts, please feel free to comment, I’ll try to answer as soon as I can. Alternatively you can contact me via the form below. I am available for freelance writing, with areas of expertise in social media, technology and digital marketing. Last year, I had three top 10 articles across Central Desktop and Unbounce.



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